Any progress in Software Center in Fedora effort?

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Mon Oct 8 08:49:17 UTC 2012

Reindl Harald píše v Ne 07. 10. 2012 v 20:02 +0200:
> Am 07.10.2012 19:55, schrieb drago01:
> > Maybe maybe not. The point is that a fancy software shop would result
> > into this "old mother" type of user consider to use fedora.
> > A user ultimately don't care about packages but about applications.
> > Other distritors are moving in this direction while we fall behind.
> > We should lead here like we do in other areas.
> why do we need to lead everywehre for every price?
> >> It will be nice if more people uses Fedora, but it not the main target, the
> >> greatness of Fedora is not measured but how many user it have, compared to
> >> other Linuxes or other os'es.
> > 
> > Well without users (and growth) it will become irrelevant and thus it
> > will become harder to achieve anything else.
> nobody says "without users"
> but do we really need every noob as user?

Why does some of us imply it's about noobs? 
I know about many experienced Fedora users and contributors who would
appreciate it, too.

And why are noobs something unwanted? 
As I said above, most new computer science students at our local
technical university are Linux noobs who would appreciate something like
this. They have potential to be good contributors in a few years if
Fedora hooks them up now. Unfortunately, our competition is more
successful at this and it will have an impact on our contributor base in
long term. 

> why have we different operating systems and distributions if all
> satisfies the same user-base for every price? there is also a need
> for a clean and straight forwarded linux without compromises only
> to fetch users better satisfied with OSX or windows

How would Software Center hold you from enjoying clean and straight
forwarded Linux? It's just an app. Anyone who'd like to would be able to
use YUM, YUMEX, Add/Remove, Apper,...


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