Any progress in Software Center in Fedora effort?

Tomas Radej tradej at
Mon Oct 8 12:15:56 UTC 2012

On 10/08/2012 10:49 AM, Jiri Eischmann wrote:
> And why are noobs something unwanted?
> As I said above, most new computer science students at our local
> technical university are Linux noobs who would appreciate something like
> this. They have potential to be good contributors in a few years if
> Fedora hooks them up now. Unfortunately, our competition is more
> successful at this and it will have an impact on our contributor base in
> long term.
Absolutely. I was one of those. When I started studying at the 
university, I knew little beyond Windows and Ubuntu, and their software 
center has for long been the exclusive way I was getting software. After 
some time, I started using aptitude, but still I had liked to get it the 
point&click way.

I do believe that as long as we can maintain them, more non-cli apps for 
linux beginners guys are only beneficial to the community, as they help 
lure in people from Windows and other platforms. After all, most 
"Windows" people who I've talked to about Linux said that they can't use 
it as it routinely requires them to go to the command line or edit some 
config file.

So, totally a +1 to the Software Center.

Tomas Radej

FAS, IRC nick tradej

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