Any progress in Software Center in Fedora effort?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Oct 8 09:11:39 UTC 2012

Am 08.10.2012 10:49, schrieb Jiri Eischmann:
> Reindl Harald píše v Ne 07. 10. 2012 v 20:02 +0200:
>> why have we different operating systems and distributions if all
>> satisfies the same user-base for every price? there is also a need
>> for a clean and straight forwarded linux without compromises only
>> to fetch users better satisfied with OSX or windows
> How would Software Center hold you from enjoying clean and straight
> forwarded Linux? It's just an app. Anyone who'd like to would be able to
> use YUM, YUMEX, Add/Remove, Apper,...

hopefully this will be true

there are many environments with no need for packagekit/software
center and if dependencies will still be careful to not pull
many packages as cross-deps all are satisfied

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