Any progress in Software Center in Fedora effort?

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at
Mon Oct 8 14:49:01 UTC 2012

On 10/08/2012 10:49 AM, Jiri Eischmann wrote:
> Reindl Harald píše v Ne 07. 10. 2012 v 20:02 +0200:
>> Am 07.10.2012 19:55, schrieb drago01:
>>> Maybe maybe not. The point is that a fancy software shop would result
>>> into this "old mother" type of user consider to use fedora.
>>> A user ultimately don't care about packages but about applications.
>>> Other distritors are moving in this direction while we fall behind.
>>> We should lead here like we do in other areas.
>> why do we need to lead everywehre for every price?
>>>> It will be nice if more people uses Fedora, but it not the main target, the
>>>> greatness of Fedora is not measured but how many user it have, compared to
>>>> other Linuxes or other os'es.
>>> Well without users (and growth) it will become irrelevant and thus it
>>> will become harder to achieve anything else.
>> nobody says "without users"
>> but do we really need every noob as user?
> Why does some of us imply it's about noobs?
Because hardly any of the non-noobs misses this "Software Center" and 
because non-noobs know that the term "apps" is an Apple/Google marketing 

> Anyone who'd like to would be able to
> use YUM, YUMEX, Add/Remove, Apper,...
Pardon, I do not understand what's your problem is. If it's just a "yet 
another frontend/GUI program", why not package it? If it requires some 
server side infrastructure you will have to talk to FESCO.


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