Questions about the new comps

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Oct 8 22:04:47 UTC 2012

Christoph Wickert (christoph.wickert at said: 
> one more question: How can one install something that is neither an
> 'environment' nor a minimal install install? Say I want openbox as
> window manager, how would I do that?
> openbox is in the group 'window-managers', but that group is not shown
> in anaconda. I guess we need to creae a group for each and every window
> manager and then make these groups options of either 'window-managers'
> or 'basic-x-windows' (the latter is shown in anaconda).

If you really want every window manager to be an installation option for
network installs, yes, you'd create groups and make them options of the
basic-x-windows environment. Go nuts - Jens has already done so for xmonad.
Note that in this scenario you either add the appropriate ancillary bits
(display manager, firstboot, any additional applets, what have you) either
into your window-manager option, or in another group that users would have
to select as well.

It's not really the target audience of the anaconda installation at the
moment - the idea is to provide a meaningful list of vetted and tested
installation options. (It's why they mirror the spins + a couple of server
options). Supporting an X by Y by Z matrix of window managers, display
managers, and input methods/font groups/pick-your-poison doesn't fit
into that.


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