systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes

Milan Broz mbroz at
Tue Oct 9 10:24:03 UTC 2012

On 10/09/2012 12:14 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> Well, I am all for minimizing the minimal installation set, and can
> applaud attempts to continiusly make data avilable where we stand with
> this and which packages are the worst dependency and size hogs. However,
> afaics the feature you mentioned is kinda dead? is any current data
> available about how our minimal footprint got worse/better over time in
> both terms of packages and disk space, and which packages are to blame
> for it?
> If the libmicrohttpd dep really is problematic I am happy to split it
> off, but I'd really like some hard data first whether doing this would
> help more than a trivial bit to achieve a smaller minimal installation
> set.

Used space is only one aspect of it, here systemd written in C and compiled
is really not problematic :)

I am currently trying to find unneeded dependence chains in minimal set of packages
(we should get rid od e.g. old ininstripts, chkconfig, systemd-sysv in spec
- still a lot of them).

But the "minimal install" (whatever it means) is often used as base for various
automatic appliance installs, test systems etc where you want to minimize
services and installed libraries (either because of "security" or because
you need simple testbed for development.)

(Well, my main focus was to RHEL, with current Fedora installer state I have
no idea what is now really supported for end user...)

Whatever, it would be really nice to split some functionality of systemd to
sub packages and allow admin to uninstall it (later, or from kickstart).

Not that is it good argument, but 

# rpm -ql systemd |wc -l

For me, I would really prefer to have separate

- systemd-cryptsetup
  (generally, to be able to install system without cryptsetup->device-mapper libs
  dependences if only plain partitions are used, as they are in VM)
- system-readahead
- systemd-journal (or at least that extended httpd part)
- systemd-udev

maybe *.[service|mount|timer|...] unit files could live in separate subpackage as well

(I know that you cannot uninstall udev and units in reality, but you can
install own testing package and not touch other systemd files and it surely help

(To not blame systemd only - grub2 & Co. has nice deps chain as well :-)


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