replacing rsyslogd in minimal with journald [was Re: systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes]

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at
Tue Oct 9 17:27:19 UTC 2012

On Tue, 09.10.12 09:41, Chris Adams (cmadams at wrote:

> Once upon a time, Bryn M. Reeves <bmr at> said:
> > Agreed: I find this irritating too (and the default SYSTEMD_PAGER _is_
> > less so I'm not sure how it's being run).
> > 
> > Setting PIPE or piping to a pager is even worse - the lines are
> > truncated at 77 chars regardless of the term width so for now I'm
> > running journalctl --no-pager -a | less to get wrapped lines in a pager.
> Yeah, systemd's behavior of "magically" doing things based on tty or
> pipe is highly annoying.  If I want paging, line wraps, or truncation, I
> have tools to do that.  Having to constantly go back and add options
> (after stopping to look up said options) to get unfiltered output is
> frustrating.

Well, there are many people who love this and some who don't -- from
what I am hearing. I personally like it a lot, and believe this is
really helpful for improving usablity of the command line. Given this is
the way it is I prefer to stick with the current behaviour, as it is
impossible to make everybody happy.

Note that this is hardly an invention of systemd, but a basic trend that
got more exposure with git doing this, but reaches much further back, for
example "man" exposes pretty much the same behaviour.

That all said, the color and autopaging is disabled automatically if you
pipe the tools to something that is not a tty. You can also enable this
via command line args, and env vars. This is similar to man or git. If
you want this behaviour to be removed it's probably a good idea to
remove it from all tools in question including git and man, instead of
focussing just on systemd, which would be really inconsistent. My
recommendation would be to file a bug against FESCO for this, so that
man/git/systemd and everything else removes the dreaded
coloring/autopaging! But good luck with that.


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