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Mon Oct 1 21:26:49 UTC 2012

1. The macros are depending on systemd

2. The most commont restart case has a more
   complicate name then the case without the
   restart of the service.

I will suggest the following set of rpm macros:

init_requires  	   Define the Requires for post, preun and postun steps

init_pos	   Scriptlet for the post scriptliet

init_preun	   Scriptlet for the preun scriptlet

init_postun	   Scriptlet for postun with restart

init_postun_woithout_restart 	 Scriptlet for postun without restart

A SPEC file should look like

BuildRequires:	   systemd


%init_post innd

%init_preun innd

%init_postun innd

The kind how this macros will been expanded depend on the
initscript system which is declared as a BuildRequires.
For F19+ whitch may be systemd. For the EPEL packages we may
 create a package called rpm-macros-initscripts whitch contains 
the definition for the SysV init system.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

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