systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Oct 10 03:03:23 UTC 2012

Seth Vidal (skvidal at said: 
> >Maybe the definition of the fedora base set needs a bit of updating,
> >given that it considers rdisc, saslauthd, audit, dnsmasq, syslog, wpa
> >supplicant and sendmail basic. For container setups I need nothing of
> >that... (heck! for my non-containerized server I don't need that
> >either...)
> For minimal installs you also need a tool that can do automatic
> installation of dependencies. Otherwise the first thing every admin
> who installs minimal will have to do is to fetch down yum, python,
> etc to get themselves rolling. Maybe in the eventual future dnf,
> libzypp etc will be fetched down - but in either case minimal
> requires such a tool as part of it.

To describe them all:

- wpa & dnsmasq are brought in by NM
- rdisc is in the iputils package (basic networking)
- saslauthd is brought in by our lovely default MTA
- audit, sendmail, & rsyslog are explicit. (The latter two being
  explicit help with depsolving fun, as we do want consistency there, rather
  than getting whatever MTA & log daemon the depsolver spits out.)
  rsylog would get pulled in by deps anyway; sendmail & audit wouldn't.

We can certainly have a smaller image base that consists of something like:

- systemd
- util-linux
- bash
- passwd
- initscripts

But, as Seth said, unless you want to preclue people modifiying it from
inside the chroot/image/installation by *not* including package management
tools, it grows pretty quickly. (Also, it's not that much smaller now, due
to things pulling in python, but bugs have been filed.)


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