replacing rsyslogd in minimal with journald [was Re: systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes]

"J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson" johannbg at
Wed Oct 10 10:11:03 UTC 2012

On 10/10/2012 08:54 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> This would be essential for libguestfs tools to parse logs out of
> guests (we do it now by reading /var/log/messages etc which has all of
> the properties you state).

I'm not sure how you are doing this currently but for shutdown guest I 
assume you would mount then run something like

journalctl -D /path/to/journal/files | the script you use to parse the logs

And or use systemd-gateway for active guests as in

systemctl start systemd-journal-gatewayd.service

Then run

# wget http://localhost:19531/entries

To download the journal contents in a /var/log/messages compatible format

Or if you want to download it in JASON compatible format

# curl -H"Accept: application/json" http://localhost:19531/entries

If you simply want to browse the log file of an running guest you would 
just visit the http://IP:19531/browse <http://localhost:19531/browse> in 
your favorite browser

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