Unusual SCM Request?

Paul Flo Williams paul at frixxon.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 13:37:38 UTC 2012

I'm trying to make an SCM Request on a Package Review ticket to add a
pseudo-user (the Fonts SIG) to a fonts package that has already been
I'd like to do a number of these, but I've started with bug 857487:


I thought that the template I've used followed the one shown here:


As the request is unusual, I've explained the meaning of the template
below the comment, per the wiki explanation, which says that

"If you need other special changes done which cannot be handled by the
template field, such as a package that was created with the wrong name
that has never been imported or built, or otherwise out of the scope of
the template please state your desire and justification below the template
in your Bugzilla comment."

However, the SCM request has been cancelled with the comment "Misformatted

Could anyone here enlighten me further? The wiki page doesn't make it
clear who "Admins" are, so I'm also not sure whether Infrastructure or
Rel-eng deal with these requests.

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