Review Request: libotr3 - OTR version 3 compat library

Paul Wouters pwouters at
Fri Oct 12 20:59:27 UTC 2012


libotr is a commonly used instant message encryption protocol. It is
used by a lot of IM programs. To resolve various issues, upstream had
to break compatibility. While pidgin-otr has been updated to work with
the new library, most other applications (kopete, bitlbee, irssi,
xchat-otr) haven't been ported to the new libotr-4 API yet.

The most visible bug in libotr3 are the "IM crypto storms"
when a user is logged in multiple times using the same account (for
jabber, even when using a different resource name). It is a pretty
signifant user experience problem.

To faciliate a smooth transition, I would like to package libotr3, so I
can push libotr-4 and libotr3 into the repositories. This follows a
similar scheme to Debian although they version based on .so number,
so they introduced libotr2 where I used libotr3 based on the version
number of the software.

If possible, I would like a few more eyes to look at my compat package
to ensure I've done it right.



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