Self introduction

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez lorenzo.gil.sanchez at
Sun Oct 14 09:02:04 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

my name is Lorenzo Gil Sanchez and I am trying to become a package
collection maintainer for Fedora. I'm following this guide
which is helping me through the whole process.

I've been using Fedora as my desktop OS since Fedora Core 1. In fact I
used Redhat 8 and Redhat 9 before it transformed itself into Fedora
Core. That means I have plenty of experience using Fedora as a user.

I am a software developer focused on building Python web apps. Some
years ago I used to build GNOME apps with Python but my career has
steered into the web domain in the last 5 years. I've been building
rpm packages for my day to day work for the last year and a half since
we usually deploy our software into Redhat/CentOS servers.

I have small contributions to several open source projects but for me,
not being a Fedora contributor despite of the fact of using it for
such a long time, was really an itch to scratch. Now that I have a
little bit of experience with RPM and with Python I'd like to help
packaging and maintaining python packages for Fedora.

I've already submitted two of them:

and talked to Matthias Runge to help me with sponsorship.

I hope I can give something back to this project that has given me so much.

Best regards,


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