anacanda: should we ignore the bios raid information on a disk when the raid is broken?

Joshua C. joshuacov at
Mon Oct 15 07:23:44 UTC 2012

I have a broken fake raid on my machine (intel p67 chipset with one of
the disks missing) and when trying to install F17 yesterday (with
up-to-date respin done with pungi) I was greeted with the following
message "disk sdXXX has bios raid information and..... blah..... is
part of a broken raid, ignoring sdXXX". After ignoring the message
later on I wasn't given the chance to use the spare disk.

I thought of patching anaconda to ignore the bios-raid-information and
to allow me to use the disk as I single HDD but I was wondering if
there are any side effects out of this?

I know that after doing this I will have to manually configure mdadm
(and any other raid software) when the second disk arrives.

-- joshua

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