Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Mon Oct 15 14:25:06 UTC 2012

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:59 AM, Glauber Costa <glommer at> wrote:
> For those who expressed interest in OpenVZ in the past,
> I've just added a Review Request for vzctl, the OpenVZ control
> utility:
> As previously said, getting OpenVZ to work with Upstream Linux Kernel
> is a huge and ongoing effort. But with the release of vzctl 4.0,
> Fedora users should already be able to start a container
> with basic networking, and get it running.
> Checkpoint/Restore is expecting to be working (and thus, live
> migration available) by no lator than Fedora 19, and will depend on an
> aditional userspace package to work (to be submitted any time soon)

Which package(s)?  The criu-tools have already been packaged by Adrian
Reber, so that's at least one down.

As for actually enabling the kernel config options for CRIU in the
kernel, we talked about that yesterday at FUDCon.  I need to discuss
this with the kernel team still, but a tentative idea is to enable it
in rawhide debug kernels to start with and see how things go from
there.  That's 3.7 based at the moment.  I've resisted enabling it so
far because namespaces aren't completed yet and it depends on those.
It's also hidden behing CONFIG_EXPERT, which I _really_ don't want to
enable because it makes the kernel configs a mess.


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