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Mon Oct 15 14:46:12 UTC 2012

On Mon, 15.10.12 17:59, Glauber Costa (glommer at wrote:

> For those who expressed interest in OpenVZ in the past,
> I've just added a Review Request for vzctl, the OpenVZ control
> utility:
> As previously said, getting OpenVZ to work with Upstream Linux Kernel
> is a huge and ongoing effort. But with the release of vzctl 4.0,
> Fedora users should already be able to start a container
> with basic networking, and get it running.

Hey, can I interest you in supporting the interfaces listed here with

This improves intergration of systemd with the container logic, and
makes sure SELinux doesn't choke on the container, and "journalctl -m"
on the host works fine.



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