minimal install [was Re: systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes]

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Oct 16 17:39:30 UTC 2012

>>> one may say "disk storage is nothing these days"
>>> iw ould say: mulitply it with 20, 50, 100 virtual machines
>>> on really expensive SAN-storage where "disk space is cheap"
>>> is not true
>> And I would say : get an entreprisey deduping san
> for production under load not really a good decision
> even if, save ressources is always a good idea over
> the long

That depends. The process of actually de-duping is some what intensive
depending on the process but if you clone off a template it's not and
you get other advantages like improved use of cache and less I/O on
the disk array so it's very dependent. I generally see more
improvement than loss. But that is getting off topic as if there's
less OS it uses less space whether it's de-duped or not and that is
not a bad thing.


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