Blockerbugs 0.2 Released

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Oct 16 18:50:53 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-10-16 at 07:51 -0600, Tim Flink wrote:

> For developers:
>  - Since blocker and nth fixes are now being tracked like the bugs are,
>    updates with blocker/nth fixes should get more attention
>  - If you do have a blocker/nth fix, please mark it as such in bodhi or
>    it won't be noticed by the new app.

Just wanted to amplify this a bit as it's very important, not just for
this webapp but for the blocker bug process in general: when you fix
blocker or NTH bugs, please ensure the update that fixes the bug is
marked as fixing it in Bodhi (when you submit an update to Bodhi,
there's a field for entering the bug #s of bugs that it fixes). We need
the Bodhi/Bugzilla integration to be sure we're tracking blocker fixes
properly. Also, if you later supersede the update before it gets pushed
stable, remember to make sure the new update is also marked as fixing
the bug. Thanks!
Adam Williamson
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