modules, firmware, kernel size (was Re: systemd requires HTTP server and serves QR codes)

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed Oct 17 23:37:58 UTC 2012

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 3:43 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote:
> Am 17.10.2012 18:52, schrieb Dave Jones:
>> With virtualised environments supporting pci/usb passthrough, where do you
>> draw the line on what hardware to support in a hypothetical kernel-cloud package ?
> with vmxnet3, vmw_pvscsi, vmw_balloon to support vSphere
> (all included in the upstream kernel) and the drivers
> for basic KVM guests + all the iptabales (nat, conntrack,
> rectent, multiport..) you are sipporting a really wide range
> of minimized-size and full functional setups

And xen and whatever it needs.  I mean, if you're targeting virt and
cloud, then you can't ignore EC2 and that is all xen.

And hyper-v.  Can't exclude them either.

And whatever Rusty's virt thing is.  And on and on.

About the only "virt/cloud" thing you can exclude is e.g. virtualbox and
that's only because they're not in the upstream kernel.  Maybe one day
they'll realize the error of their ways and then you have to include
that too.

> 99 out of 100 doe snot passthru physical hardware

Maybe today, but it's an ever increasing target.  I don't think it can
be entirely dismissed.


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