Wayland update broke mesa?

Jerry James loganjerry at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 14:10:53 UTC 2012

I'm working my way through Rawhide rebuilds for the recent OCaml
update.  One of my builds failed last night like this:

"ocamlc.opt" -rectypes  -thread -I +lablgtk2 -I config -I lib -I
kernel -I kernel/byterun -I library -I proofs -I tactics -I pretyping
-I interp -I toplevel -I parsing -I tools -I tools/coqdoc -I scripts
-I ide/utils -I ide -I plugins/omega -I plugins/romega -I
plugins/micromega -I plugins/quote -I plugins/ring -I
plugins/setoid_ring -I plugins/xml -I plugins/extraction -I
plugins/fourier -I plugins/cc -I plugins/funind -I plugins/firstorder
-I plugins/field -I plugins/subtac -I plugins/rtauto -I plugins/nsatz
-I plugins/syntax -I plugins/decl_mode -I "/usr/lib/ocaml/camlp5"   -o
bin/coqide.byte unix.cma threads.cma lablgtk.cma gtkThread.cmo\
	str.cma -dllib -lcoqrun -dllpath '/usr/lib/coq' config/coq_config.cmo
lib/flags.cmo lib/xml_lexer.cmo lib/xml_parser.cmo lib/xml_utils.cmo
toplevel/ide_intf.cmo ide/ide.cma ide/coqide_main.ml
File "ide/coqide_main.ml4", line 1:
Error: Error on dynamically loaded library:
/usr/lib/ocaml/stublibs/dlllablgtk2.so: /lib/libEGL.so.1: undefined
symbol: wl_display_sync
make[1]: *** [bin/coqide.byte] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/coq-8.4'
make: *** [world] Error 2

There was a new build of wayland last night, which is where
wl_display_sync used to be defined.  I don't know enough about either
mesa or wayland to know what the proper solution is, but it looks like
libEGL is currently broken in Rawhide.
Jerry James

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