comps for Fedora Security Lab

Till Maas opensource at
Sun Oct 21 19:31:53 UTC 2012


On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 02:36:49PM +0200, Fabian Affolter wrote:

> The Fedora Security Lab is an official spin since Fedora 13. So far
> all packages are handled direct in the kickstart file which is not
> very handy if you want to install the packages from a running Fedora
> installation.
> I would like to include the Security Lab tools into comps for F19.
> This way the FSL can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Fedora
> Electronic Lab, the Robotics Spin, and others.
> Objections, comments?

I tried to put security related tools into useful comps categories a
while ago and it was highly objected by Bill Nottingham iirc. Before you
put any work into it, it might be better to first make sure that he (or
whoever now overviews comps) noticed your attempt.


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