Formal request: non-responsive maintainer Gavin Romig-Koch for squeak-vm

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Oct 22 20:29:15 UTC 2012

On Mon, 22 Oct 2012 12:04:59 -0400
Matthew Miller <mattdm at> wrote:

> Bug here, with no response:
> Gavin isn't responding to bugs or to email.
> Note that also note that Jaroslav Škarvada has an updated package in
> testing, has asked to become a co-maintainer, and in fact has been
> trying to get a response for almost a year. I checked with Jaroslav
> and he's still ready to take over.
> I'm an interested party because I want to package Scratch, and an
> updated Squeak VM will significantly simplify that package -- and
> make sound work.

As a FESCo member I will ack this per the process. 

I'm going to reassign the squeak-vm package now. 

In addition, gavin also maintains: 

collection | package name | description | owner | co-maintainers/cc

Fedora|etoys|A media-rich model, game, and simulation construction kit and authoring tool|gavin||dcorking,sdz,tuxbrewr 
Fedora|fastback|File uploader, configureable file uploader|gavin|| 
Fedora|report|Incident reporting library|gavin||jmoskovc 
Fedora|squeak-image|The image files for Squeak|gavin||dcorking,jskarvad,tuxbrewr 
Fedora|squeak-vm|The Squeak virtual machine|gavin||dcorking,jskarvad,tuxbrewr 
Fedora EPEL|fastback|File uploader, configureable file uploader|gavin|| 
Fedora EPEL|report|Incident reporting library|gavin||

If anyone would like to take over any of these packages, please let me know. 

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