Fixing Puppet in Fedora/EPEL

Lukas Zapletal lzap+pub at
Tue Oct 23 08:01:08 UTC 2012

> I'm sure that 2.6 won't last for the life of EL5, let alone EL6.  At
> the same time, I didn't push to get 2.7 in EPEL because it isn't a
> completely compatible update.  And 3.0 was coming so I figured we
> could wait to see what things looked like when it did.  The
> alternative would have been more updates and more potential to break
> things and annoy the users who were perfectly happy with how 2.6 was
> working.  (Those that needed the newest shiny or were supporting
> Fedora 17 could get newer bits from

Yes, but this this is not really necessary. From the EPEL FAQ:


How long are EPEL packages updated?

The plan is for EPEL packages to get updates as long as the
corresponding RHEL release is supported. That is 10 years after the
initial release according to the current errata support policy for 5 and
6 releases.

How can we be sure that someone will maintain the packages until end of
life of the distribution the packages were built for?

The only way to be sure is to do it yourself, which is coincidentally
the reason EPEL was started in the first place.

Software packages in EPEL are maintained on a voluntary basis. If you to
want ensure that the packages you want remain available, get involved
directly in the EPEL effort. More experienced maintainers help review
your packages and you learn about packaging. If you can, get your
packaging role included as part of your job description; EPEL has
written a generic description that you can use as the basis for adding
to a job description.

We do our best to make this a healthy project with many contributors who
take care of the packages in the repository, and the repository as a
whole, for all releases until RHEL closes support for the distribution
version the packages were built for. That is seven years after release
(currently) -- a long time frame, and we know a lot can happen in seven
years. Your participation is vital for the success of this project.


Users have been warned (and asked for help).


 Lukas "lzap" Zapletal
 #katello #systemengine

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