Anaconda is giving birth to Blivet

David Lehman dlehman at
Thu Oct 25 16:36:19 UTC 2012

The anaconda package is going to be rearranged somewhat for F19. The
package is going to be split into three pieces. The main
anaconda package will contain only the pyanaconda python module,
while the install-time bits and their dependencies will be split
out into a sub-package. This will enable other projects that use
the pyanaconda module to install it without having to also install
all of the installer's runtime dependencies. Finally, the current
anaconda storage module will be split out into a new package: blivet.
Blivet will be a python module providing system storage configuration
functionality. It is expected to require anaconda -- at least
initially. To be clear, blivet is a library -- not an application.

The main functionality offered by blivet includes:

 - detection of existing system storage layout
 - model a set of storage configuration changes in memory before
   committing them to disk
 - create/destroy, resize, activate/deactivate devices and filesystems

The split will occur early in the F19 development cycle.

More information will come as things develop.

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