Is RPM now stricter about checking for file conflicts?

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Sat Oct 27 21:27:31 UTC 2012

On Oct 27, 2012 7:46 PM, "Michel Alexandre Salim" <salimma at>
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> (originally posted to test@; Adam Williamson suggested it might be
> more appropriate here)
> Ever since I started tracking Fedora 18, Google Music Manager is no
> longer installable, and now Oracle's Virtual Box cannot be installed
> either (both from upstream Yum repositories).
> In both cases, RPM and yum aborts with file conflicts -- /lib/modules
> for VirtualBox and /usr/bin for google-musicmanager.
> While, granted, these are upstream packaging bugs and those
> directories should not be owned by the corresponding packages (they
> are owned by filesystem), is there any reason why the same RPMs
> install just fine previously?

Just a wild stab in the dark. Would the UsrMove (specifically the change
from an actual folder to a symlink) cause a conflict? The Fedora packages
don't own the folders since they are owned by the filesystem package anyway
but the external packages could be owning the folders even though they ate
now symlinks. Just a guess though.
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