3D printing in Fedora

Miro Hrončok miro at hroncok.cz
Mon Oct 29 17:59:47 UTC 2012


I am involved in a student group on FIT of Czech Technical University in
Prague - in that group, we focus on 3D printing (RepRap).

3D printing needs a set of software on a control PC, such as some kind
of 3D modeller (we're currently using OpenSCAD), a slicer (to convert a
3D model to set of instructions for the printer, we're currently using
skeinforge and/or Slic3r) and printer interface software (currently

Installing this basic set of tools on a Linux machine is painful,
they aren't usually available in repositories, compiling them includes
compiling a bunch of dependencies and we usually end up using binary
executables from a tar or git cloning plenty of python scripts. Desktop
files and menu entries -> you don't get what you don't create

I am currently working on adding this software to Fedora:

But that is not where I want to stop. I'd like to create a Fedora RepRap
spin and make Fedora the best choice for 3D print guys.

At this point, I would like to gather people interested in 3D printing
and eventually create a 3D printing SIG.
Would anyone be interested and help me?

Miro Hrončok

Jabber: miro at hroncok.cz
Telefon: +420777974800

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