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Mon Oct 15 18:04:28 UTC 2012

k. I heard about an opening at Red Hat that would give me the chance to wor=
k on some high availability software. One of the aspects of Asterisk's desi=
gn that somewhat frustrated me was its monolithic design structure. =C2=A0T=
his led to all kinds of challenges with scalability. =C2=A0Given that proce=
ssors are going wide and network speeds are crazy fast, I felt like it woul=
d be a good idea for me to get some hands on experience with component driv=
en design. =C2=A0That's exactly what I got when I began work on the Pacemak=
er project earlier this year. =C2=A0The stacked approach to high availabili=
ty used in Fedora is brilliant and I feel blessed to be involved. =C2=A0So =
far I've had the opportunity to implement a new version of the lrmd compone=
nt Pacemaker uses to manage each node's local resources, and make several d=
esign improvements to the STONITH fencing component.

It is kind of difficult to wrap up a story that has only just begun, but th=
is is where it ends for me at the moment. =C2=A0If you ever want to chat ab=
out high availability, or even Asterisk, I usually hang out in #fedora and =
#linux-ha. =C2=A0Thanks for reading, and I look forward to continuing to co=
llaborate with you all :)

tl:dr - I worked on Asterisk for a few years. Now I work on Fedora's High A=
vailability stack.  I need a sponsor to add me to the packager group.

-- David Vossel
IRC: dvossel

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