3D printing in Fedora

Jiri Eischmann jeischma at redhat.com
Mon Oct 29 21:02:17 UTC 2012

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> Hi,
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:15:06 +0100
> Miro HronĨok <miro at hroncok.cz> wrote:
> > > I'm not sure that a separate 3d printing spin makes a lot of
> > > sense
> > Well, it makes for me.
> > Lot's of memebers of our group at university asks me: What Linux
> > distro should I grap for 3D printing?
> > If we have a 3D printing spin, I could point them directly to that.
> You don't need that. You can just tell them to use Fedora and install
> the printrun package (example). If there was a spin for every
> activity out there, Fedora would have literally, and i mean it,
> thousands of spins.

I think the time to discuss if a spin is needed or not hasn't come yet. Now, the primary goal should be to get all the tool in Fedora. When that's done, they should probably go for a package group to give users an easy way to install those tools. And then if the initiative gets a traction and attracts a lot of people I don't see a reason why they can't have a spin.
> You just need to watch out for those binary executables and such,
> because Fedora Guidelines are quite strict about inclusion of
> binary, patented or non-free software.

Miro attended our packaging workshop where we went through this, so I think he's aware of that. As I followed his effort to package the tools, I could see that he had difficulties to package some tools because of legal issues. One tool required 23 packages of Perl CPANs and some of them come with no license. That's one of the main challenges this 3D print effort will have to face.
> > > I'm wondering what sort of printers people have at the moment,
> > > since I
> > > believe that it would be very helpful for us to package known
> > > configurations for the slicer(s).
> > I am not sure, if this is going to work, from my point of view, the
> > slicing profiles are very machine and material specific. You can
> > get a
> > very huge number of profiles.
> Once you get involved, we can work out a way of distributing the
> profiles, be it RPM packages or not.

Miro didn't mention that, but he has already proposed two packages for review and is waiting for a sponsor/reviewer. Someone willing to sponsor showed up today, but he has already created spec files for 28 packages, so there is a lot to review. It's where he'd definitely appreciate help now :)


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