MariaDB: Packagers needed

Tom Lane tgl at
Tue Oct 30 01:21:59 UTC 2012

Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> writes:
> i doubt MariaDb would be interface-compatible in most cases
> BUT not binary comatible as you can also not replace MySQL 5.1
> against MySQL 5.5 without compat-packages (remi did outside
> fedora-packages) as long depending packages are linked against
> a specific version

Just for the record, we *did* replace 5.1 with 5.5 without any compat
package, back in Fedora 15.  It seemed to go just fine; we had to
rebuild dependent packages, but that was about it (and there weren't
that many).  I don't see any reason to think that replacing mysql with
mariadb would be harder than the 5.1-to-5.5 transition was.

And given Oracle's recent antics (refusal to release any information
about security patches, not including new regression tests in releases,
etc etc) we ought to be thinking very hard about doing just that.
Reality is that mysql is now open source in name only.

			regards, tom lane

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