Deploying fedora infrastructure (koji) across clouds

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Wed Oct 31 09:22:47 UTC 2012

// Deploying fedora infrastructure (koji) across clouds
// As promised, steps to deploy kojihub to an openstack instance
communicating with builders on ec2
// Any provider supported by deltacloud will work
//    (lots of em:

// A short video of these steps in action can be seen here:

// install deltacloud & drivers
$ sudo yum install wget deltacloud-core deltacloud-core-openstack

// start it
$ deltacloudd -i mock

// small wrapper script around deltacloud:
$ wget
$ chmod +x mycloud.rb

// template describing kojihub cloud deployment
$ wget

// template describing kojibuild cloud deployment
$ wget

// edit kojihub deployment to contain openstack credentials
$ vim koji_f17.xml

// startup an instance on openstack w/ kojihub setup togo
$ ./mycloud.rb koji_f17.xml

// grab public address from output, grab kojibuild ssl credentials from
new instance

$ scp -i ~/os.key ec2-user at kojihub:/etc/pki/koji/kojiadmin.pem .
$ scp -i ~/os.key ec2-user at kojihub:/etc/pki/koji/koji_ca_cert.crt .

// edit kojibuild deployment to deploy to ec2 w/ correct koji
credentials & hub address
$ vim koji_builder_f17.xml

// startup an instance on ec2 w/ kojibuild communicating w/ the hub
$ ./mycloud.rb koji_builder_f17.xml

// open up a webbrowser, navigating to http://kojihub/koji to use your
Koji instance!


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