Deploying fedora infrastructure (koji) across clouds

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Wed Oct 31 17:10:31 UTC 2012

On Wed, 31 Oct 2012, Mo Morsi wrote:

>> #2: Could there be a way to take a (working) nightly build, build one's 
>> package against that nightly in a personal build of some sort, and 
>> somehow have a verification process that it built in that "personal 
>> build" before it goes into rawhide, etc? (or even... unit tests, etc.)?
> Absolutely, repositories and packages can be added on the fly, and we
> can incorporate any image already pushed to the cloud as well as build
> new ones for our purposes.

Is this a new feature in koji, then? B/c in the past adding repositories 
has been a major limiting factor in koji. Especially untrusted, remote 

> I think hybrid technologies is the future, being able to leverage cloud
> resources in addition to and along side of local ones seemlessly in an
> open manner will really enable us to do some really cool things. I
> believe Fedora can make great headway and lead on this front, we just
> have to find what works for people and do it! :-)

Have you been following what the infrastructure team has been doing with 
our private cloud instances and deployment/provisioning there?

some info here if you're interested:


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