still UsrMove problems and wrong PATH in openssh

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel at
Wed Oct 31 22:21:05 UTC 2012

* Reindl Harald [31/10/2012 22:44] :
> any upstream-script the next years will use #!/bin/perl and
> it would be idiotic to write patches for every application
> only becasue fdora decided to make UsrMove

Historically, we've always patch upstreams that use non-existant-on-Fedora
paths (like  /bin/perl, /usr/local/bin/python, /opt/bin/ruby, ...) to use
the path that exists in Fedora. Treating /bin differently from everything
else doesn't sound logical.

* Ben Rosser [31/10/2012 22:44] :
> I'm not a Perl programmer... but shouldn't scripts be using something like
> #!/usr/bin/env perl rather than hardcoding #!/bin/perl anyway? That's the
> way Python scripts have been written for years (#!/usr/bin/env python),
> long before UsrMove.

If you're patching the scripts in your package, it make more sense to use the
correct path and avoid the performance hit. If you're submitting patches to
upstream, they may demand an env-style shebang.

* Toshio Kuratomi [31/10/2012 22:44] :
> UsrMove was a Fedora specific distribution change.  As such, patching of
> applications to use /usr/bin/perl instead of /bin/perl is a distribution
> change that we should be making as well.

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