Network configuration future

Ambroz Bizjak ambrop7 at
Sun Sep 2 11:28:01 UTC 2012

Olaf Kirch <okir <at>> writes:
> I would like to revive a proposal that I have made a while ago, regarding
> a framework for managing network interfaces. I called it wicked at that time,
> and it's still called that way, but because of potential confusion with WICD
> I'll probably change the name soonishly.

Hi. I suggest that you take a look at this scripting language I'm
developing [1]. It was originally designed for programming network
configurations, but can do much more now. Its primary feature is "automatic
undoing" of configuration commands when something "goes wrong", e.g. remove IP
address with cable is pulled out or DHCP lease is lost.

By itself, it currently has almost none of those features you list,
but it does allow you
to react to events from the kernel and other places, and in a very practical
way. I think a network config daemon could be made much more
extensible and hackable if
it was written in my language as opposed to C or similar. Of course
it's possible
that would be too much work, but hopefully some of the ideas can be reused.


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