Network configuration future

Olaf Kirch okir at
Mon Sep 3 07:20:37 UTC 2012

On Friday 31 August 2012 02:47:38 Bill Nottingham wrote:
> I'm not saying you *can't* do it, but it's also not something to do
>  lightly.

Totally agreed. But what are really the points of maximum stickiness?
Obviously, configuration files and command line interfaces.

So, for a new network management framework, this means

 -	using ifconfig/route should continue to work (ie the service
	shouldn't touch interfaces unless told so)

 -	there should be ifup/ifdown scripts that offer the same
	semantics as the current ones, as far as possible.

 -	there should be a way to parse old-style ifcfg files

Could you think of any other?

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