xine plans

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Mon Sep 3 17:36:53 UTC 2012

Michael J Gruber wrote:
> I'm currently messing with xine-ui updates (sync with upstream 0.99.7,
> epel6 build, split out xine-check). There were some plans in the past to
> move all of xine to rpmfusion and, possibly, build more xine packages
> from the same spec.
> Is there any new development in this respect?

No. The status is still the same: We're stuck on xine-lib 1.1.x. xine-lib 
1.2.x has a hard dependency on FFmpeg and so needs to go to RPM Fusion. 
(Well, it technically only needs libavutil, but packaging that separately 
from libavcodec is something nobody wants to get into, especially not me.) 
We need to get a xine-lib 1.2.x specfile merging xine-lib and
xine-lib-extras-freeworld to RPM Fusion review, but I didn't have time to 
look into that. (And once that is done, the handful other packages using 
xine-lib need to be 1. tested with / fixed for xine-lib 1.2.x and 2. also 
sent to RPM Fusion review, which should hopefully be fast because not much 
would change in packaging, unlike for xine-lib itself.)

        Kevin Kofler

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