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Fri Sep 7 20:54:04 UTC 2012


I am working on a package called VirtualGL:

After contacting the upstream on their mailing list, they seem obsessed
with being able to install their own rprms and my package together at the
same time. This seems odd / bad to me since only one vglrun could be in the
path. He keeps talking about using symlinks in /opt and so forth to to
somehow make my package able to co-exists with his package downloadable at:

He does want me to change the package name also. Is it too late for me to
that after that package has been accepted into fedora?  Here is what he
says about that:

In terms of naming, I would suggest naming your RPM something besides
VirtualGL.  If you are splitting it into multiple RPMs, then this is
easy.  Just ship RPMs named "VirtualGL-common", "VirtualGL-client",
"VirtualGL-utils", "VirtualGL-server", "VirtualGL-devel", etc., and none
of them will actually be named "VirtualGL".  Or maybe use
"VirtualGL-fedora" or some alternative (even lowercase "virtualgl",

If a upstream project somehow objects to someone packaging their software
should you just give up and tell people that the upstream would prefer you
download their self created rpms or is it considered acceptable to go ahead
and package their software over their objections?

He says at the end of his email:

"'I'm willing to help out in any way I can, within reason, but I will also
re-iterate that VirtualGL was never really designed to be integrated
into an O/S distribution."

Thanks for any thoughts you guys might have about this surprising
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