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Dan Williams dcbw at
Fri Sep 7 21:38:27 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-09-07 at 14:49 -0500, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2012 at 13:23:37 -0500,
>    Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote:
> >
> >That's NM's heritage, but that's certainly not its focus.  We're
> >actually focusing a *lot* more on enterprise use-cases these days,
> >including lots of knobs that admins like to turn.
> Is there a good source of documentation for these knobs? About a month ago 
> I was looking for a way to force specific settings in /etc/resolv.conf 
> when making wireless connections (to use a local caching resolver and 
> a fixed domain search list), and just happened to find that NM used 
> dhclient-$ifname.conf instead of dhclient.conf (somewhere other than 
> a documentation page found using google).

'man NetworkManager' is a good place to start here, which leads you to
NetworkManager.conf, which leads you to:


which with 0.9.6 and any options you put into custom configuration
in /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d, should do exactly what you want.  The
local caching nameserver functionality has actually been around for
quite a few years.  Also, on per-connection basis, NM allows appending
custom search domains to the list returned by the DHCP server, or as
you've found you can hijack the dhclient config files to do what you
want too.

As always, more documentation would be awesome; we've got a wiki but we
can also add stuff to a FAQ in git too.


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