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Fri Sep 7 23:52:49 UTC 2012

On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 7:09 PM, Ken Dreyer <ktdreyer at> wrote:

> Well, there are occasions when upstream's priorities are somewhat
> antithetical to what we're doing in Fedora. And pissing off upstream
> is never a great idea :) I think the goal is tread carefully, walking
> the fine line of trying to change what we can upstream, attempting to
> accommodate upstream's stated priorities as much as possible, while
> still making our Fedora packaging job easier.

Understood. Do not want to piss them off.

> With VirtualGL, if his main concern is that Fedora's RPMs will
> overwrite the ones that he sells, could he just bump the Epoch tag in
> his copies?

I think he was mostly concerned about the users who already installed his
"Official"  rpm before he found out about the review request. (For however
long the packages have been there on his site for download)  I think the
epoch bump would work once he modified his package for any new downloads if
he agreed to do that. But it would not help the people who already
installed it.

I don't think he sells the rpms directly  but he has customers and said
something about like 200 hours of work being supported for some time period
by customers and also doing free (bonus) work on the project and not having
time to learn to set up a yum repo or anything:

"For starters, all of my paying customers are using RHEL, not Fedora, and
the second most popular platform among VGL users is Ubuntu." So he has
paying customers...

The first suggestion was for him to set up a yum repo and use
yum-priorities to prefer that repo over the fedora repos. But he did not
like that idea at all.

I could suggest an epoc version number if that if that is the best
/ proffered way to go. However,  I might wait a few days to reply to his
email. If he does not like that idea of an epoc version what do we offer

I do think its strange to say "VirtualGL was never really designed to be
integrated  into an O/S distribution" when its in lots of Linux distros
already such as ubuntu, arch and gentoo AFAIK.

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