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Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Sun Sep 9 05:14:12 UTC 2012

On 09/07/2012 03:34 PM, Dan Williams wrote:

>> And here comes the bigger question what is keeping all you networking
>> guys from simply combine all that effort and coming up with one single
>> network application that everybody can use happily from embedded to
>> servers to desktop?

> There's room to work towards consensus on functionality, but at the
> moment I don't see a lot of momentum towards a Grand New Unified Plan,
> partially because that's how free software works.  It would be great if
> we had one, and I'm certainly willing to entertain changes to
> NetworkManager that make it more capable for anyone's use-cases.  Nobody
> thinks NM has reached perfection, least of all me.

As someone who recently needed some pretty niche functionality if you 
ask me. I was amazed at the amount of help and open-mindedness of Dan. 
He helped me learn where stuff was in the tree, and gave me pseudo code. 
Walked me through some parts and spoon fed me other pieces of code 
necessary to make what I needed happen with NM. It was then merged into 
NetworkManager. Of any project that could potentially do all the things 
that are necessary, I'd vote for NM. It'd be a shame that the other 
projects couldn't work together towards a common goal. I can't imagine 
how it wouldn't be possible to get NM to the point where it does do 
everything one needs it to do. Especially with the lead developers it has.

My 2cents.
Nathanael d. Noblet
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