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Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at
Mon Sep 10 08:04:29 UTC 2012

Quoting Denis Arnaud (2012-09-09 16:50:59)
> Hi,
> has anyone already attempted to package Hypertable (
> for Fedora/RedHat/CentOS?
> Does anyone know whether there are current initiatives around it? Would
> someone be interested in starting such a project?
> Upstream already delivers RPM packages (,
> but I suspect some work is still needed to be compliant with the Fedora
> packaging guidelines (e.g.,
> ).
> Cheers
> Denis

Quick look at [1] shows a lot of bundled libraries. We have some, but
notably we are missing zookeeper, hive, hadoop and libthrift. You'd
first have to package them and that might lead into a pretty deep rabbit
hole. I had a look at zookeeper only and it wasn't as bad as I expected
so who knows :-)


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