Systemd macros (f18+)

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at
Thu Sep 13 14:06:32 UTC 2012

On Thu, 13.09.12 07:47, Bruno Wolff III (bruno at wrote:

> >Of course we could introduce new macros for both A and B, so that we'd
> >have three macros, covering all three operations. But who'd be helped
> >with that? We should introduce new stuff only for new distros, and maybe
> >backport it. But this would be adding completely new stuff to old
> >distros that makes no sense anymore on new distros, and hence we
> >shouldn't do it.
> I believe the suggestions was to have macros for A and B that did A
> and B on f16/f17 and did the same as C on F18+. That way a package
> could use a single macro on all current releases. Then when f18 was
> the oldest current release, packages could switch to using macro C
> for all releases.

But then we'd introduce two macros now, for two old distros, that make
no sense on the next distros anymore but we could never get rid of them
anymore, because we'd break the old packages...


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