New Anaconda and Mouse Buttons

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Tue Sep 18 14:25:52 UTC 2012

I haven't had a chance yet to try the new F18 installer and barely have 
had a chance to play with my F17->F18 upgrade box.  However, I'm most 
curious if the new installer has considered or already gained what I'd 
consider a subtle improvement in becoming mouse button agnostic.  I'm a 
"lefty" (handedness, not politically which doesn't belong here) and always 
reverse my button order so that their arrangement is as natural to me as 
they are for a "righty" in that the button closest to the keyboard is the 
primary button.  In the past, Anaconda had no need for more than one 
button, so why not treat all buttons as equals?  In other words, any mouse 
button click should be handled identically.

Now, if the mouse pointer could also reverse upon detecting the apparent 
handedness of the user, well that would be one of the coolest UI tricks 
ever.  (Oh and while I'm dreaming, might as well magically change all UI 
labels and documentation for mouse buttons to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. 
instead of "left", "right", "middle".)  I've been adapting all my life, so 
I won't be too disappointed if none of this materializes.

John Florian

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