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Tue Sep 18 17:26:28 UTC 2012

> From: "Jason L Tibbitts III" <tibbs at>
> JF> Now, if the mouse pointer could also reverse upon detecting the
> JF> apparent handedness of the user, well that would be one of the
> JF> coolest UI tricks ever. 
> I certainly hope not; I'm left handed and would never dream of switching
> the mouse around, given that the standard arrangement is far more
> advantageous to left-handed folks than it is to right-handed folks
> (since your writing hand is free to actually write).  I always assumed
> the standard arrangement was simply created by some anonymous lefty in
> an attempt to give them (another) advantage over right-handed folks, and
> am always baffled when a lefty wants to change it.

I see your point, but I only write via keyboard -- I cannot organize 
anything on a paper and / (search) works poorly there. :-)  I do lots of 
CAD work and drawing with my left hand (via mouse) whilst entering 
numerics and formulas at the 10-key with my right hand.  Like you, I also 
always assumed this was created by some covert lefty to our advantage.

> On to the discussion, asking the user to press the button they usually
> use for selecting things does work, but adds yet another step and I can
> see the complaints about it now.

No, no, no.  Please no unnecessary configuration questions for anaconda 
... maybe firstboot, but that's another story.  I'm merely proposing that 
anaconda change like so, with this pseudo-code:

on button-1-press of ok_button do:

on (button-1-press or button-2-press or button-3-press) of ok_button do:

Thus clicking anything clickable in the anaconda UI can be done with any 
mouse button, regardless of position, orientation, etc..  Once the 
installation is complete, such preferences can be handled by the DE 
(GNOME, KDE, etc.) preferences.  I'm only proposing that anaconda "feel" 
already configured as comfortably as the DE when in reality, it's not 
configured at all.  The installer is the one and only place where 
emulating a Fruity computer's single-button mouse makes sense.  Since we 
can't reduce the number of physical buttons, I propose we reduce the 
logical number to just one.
John Florian
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