Firefox / Thunderbird 17 ESR for Fedora 16/17

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sun Sep 23 11:10:45 UTC 2012

Am 23.09.2012 13:06, schrieb Thorsten Leemhuis:
> Has anybody considered to package the ESR releases for Fedora or is the
> general consensus "that doesn't make much sense, just leads to confusion
> and is not worth the trouble". I now and then could need a parallel
> installed Firefox ESR for a Webinterface that officially only supports
> ESR releases. I can simply install one in my homedir, but it would be
> nice to have it yum-installable from the stock Fedora repos (but the
> problem does not bug me enough to submit a package myself).

you can not have BOTH in the repos in a way that
the installation doses not conflict and you are
missing that switch between both will bring
you problems with your profile

YOU may be able to work around them with seperated profiles
99 out of 100 users are not and would damage their data

what is this for webinterface only supporting ESR?
why in the world should a WEBPAGE not work with a NEWER firefox?

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