Firefox / Thunderbird 17 ESR for Fedora 16/17

Martin Stransky stransky at
Mon Sep 24 06:33:23 UTC 2012

On 09/22/2012 01:02 PM, Julian Sikorski wrote:
> W dniu 21.09.2012 15:33, Martin Stransky pisze:
>> Hi guys,
>> as the subject says there are test packages available for your beloved
>> Fedora's. Especially Thunderbird 17 (Earlybird now) needs some love from
>> you (the 17ESR line is going to be a background for the future ones) so
>> it would be great if you can install it, run it and report any issues.
>> All instructions are at:
>> NOTE: All those packages are pre-release and are targeted to experienced
>> users!
>> Your Mozilla Team.
> Does it mean Fedora will stop shipping the latest FF/TB and stick to ESR
> instead? Or is it for parallel-installation purposes?

Yes, it's for parallel-installation purposes, generally for testing the 
upcoming ESR line. see the 
- Thunderbird 17ESR may be the last release created by mozilla 
thunderbird developers, all next ones may be driven / developed by 

So the Thunderbird bugs reported now may be fixed by mozilla developers 
before the package is handled to community. The Firefox is just 
complementary here, Fedora it still going to receive latest releases. 
The ESR line is shipped on RHEL only.


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