F17 installation on an Apple Macbook Pro

Zoltan Kota zoltank at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 07:10:17 UTC 2012

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Zoltan Kota <zoltank at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to follow the discussions related to Fedora and Apple
> hardware in these lists. Some days ago I decided to try to install F17
> on my Macbook Pro. Maybe it is useful to share my experiences.
> The initial state was:
> Apple Macbook Pro 3.1, a Triple-boot system with Mac OSX, WindowsXP,
> Fedora 14, booting through ReFit
> For Fedora I had a separate 'root', 'swap' and 'home' partitiion.
> My plan was to do a fresh installation on the existing root partition
> keeping the home partition as is.
> The istallation media was F17 i386 DVD.
> 1. The system booted from DVD correctly, graphical setup was OK.
> 2. At selecting partitions I choose custom setup, and selected my
> existing /, swap, and /home partitions for installation.
> At this point I had to stop, because setup needed a bios boot
> partition that I didn'h have.
> 3. As I didn't want to mess up my partitions completely / to have more
> control, I manipulated my partition table out of the graphical setup.
> I used gdisk in command line from the DVD. I removed my linux root
> partition and created a 1MB Bios boot partition and a new root
> partition. The other partitions were not touched. With gdisk I could
> set the hybrid MBR as well.
> 4. Starting setup again, selecting custom disk layout with grub
> installed on the boot partition, the installation was OK.
> 5. However the hybrid MBR of the disk was cleared. So I had to setup
> again the hybrid MBR with gdisk. After that I could boot all the 3
> systems with ReFit. (ReFit now shows an extra starting icon however,
> that seems to start windows or fedora depending on which one was
> booted last time. I don't know where comes this from.)
> But finally I have bootable Fedora 17 system, hurrah. And my existing
> other OS-es survived. :-)
> I think

Soory, accidentally I sent it before I could finish my email.
So, I think would be nice to try F17_x86_64 as well? I have never
tried EFI installation of fedora before. Is it possible to install
grub efi in the root/boot partition during setup? ReFit should find it
as I know.


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