Release of fedora-review 0.3.0 done, 0.3.1 hotfix on the way

Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at
Tue Sep 25 14:37:31 UTC 2012

fedora-review development team proudly presents :-)

Release of fedora-review 0.3.0 [1-3]

Summary of changes:
 * Simplified the template and made it more clear
 * Support for EPEL-only checks has returned (see -f and -D switches)
 * Simplified running tests on src.rpm-s ( -rn /path/to/srpm)
 * Simplest shell plugins you can imagine (see [4] for examples)
 * Lotsabugs fixed[5]
 * Improved warnings and error handling
 * Colors!
 * Removed integration with bugzilla (man page has suggestion for replacement)
 * We received a few "complaints" that people were doing automatic reviews
   without any idea what they are *really* supposed to do. So we now output
   warning about manual review needed at the end of f-r run (in RED, see Colors!)
 * We added *a lot* of testing to make sure we don't break stuff accidentaly in
   the future
 * Probably a lot of other goodies, which are hard to track because we are bad
   at keeping nice feature-changelog :-)

Why hotfix planed already?
There is a small issue with placing plugins currently so it's impossible to
write globally accessible shell plugins. And we also accidentaly installed stuff
in wrong place..which made the first problem invisible until last moment :-)

I plan to let 0.3.0 get into stable and then immediately issue update to 0.3.1
for the aforementioned bug. We'll likely work out a few more kinks along the

We still have a lot of things planned. In the meantime feel free to drop by
#fedora-review on freenode if you have problems with new release (or just file
those bugs :-) )


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