Bodhi should recommend using yum-security's --advisory switch to test testing updates

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Sep 25 23:51:20 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-09-23 at 17:06 +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Hi,
> in its Bugzilla comments for the bugs related to:
> Bodhi suggested to upgrade using the following monster command:
> su -c 'yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing kde-workspace-4.9.1-5.fc17
> akonadi-1.8.0-1.fc17 analitza-4.9.1-1.fc17 ark-4.9.1-1.fc17
> audiocd-kio-4.9.1-1.fc17 blinken-4.9.1-1.fc17 calligra-2.5.2-1.fc17
> calligra-l10n-2.5.2-1.fc17 cantor-4.9.1-1.fc17 digikam-2.9.0-1.fc17
> dragon-4.9.1-1.fc17 filelight-4.9.1-1.fc17 gwenview-4.9.1-1.fc17
> jovie-4.9.1-1.fc17 juk-4.9.1-1.fc17 kaccessible-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kactivities-4.9.1-1.fc17 kalgebra-4.9.1-1.fc17 kalzium-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kamera-4.9.1-1.fc17 kamoso-2.0.2-5.fc17 kanagram-4.9.1-1.fc17 kate-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kbruch-4.9.1-1.fc17 kcalc-4.9.1-1.fc17 kcharselect-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kcolorchooser-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdeaccessibility-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdeadmin-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdeartwork-4.9.1-1.fc17 kde-base-artwork-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdebindings-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdeedu-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdegraphics-thumbnailers-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kde-l10n-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdelibs3-3.5.10-38.fc17 kdemultimedia-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdenetwork-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdepim-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdepim-runtime-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdeplasma-addons-4.9.1-1.fc17 kde-printer-applet-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kde-runtime-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdesdk-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdetoys-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdeutils-4.9.1-1.fc17 kdevelop-4.3.1-2.fc17 kde-wallpapers-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kdf-4.9.1-1.fc17 kfloppy-4.9.1-1.fc17 kgamma-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kgeography-4.9.1-1.fc17 kgpg-4.9.1-1.fc17 khangman-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kig-4.9.1-1.fc17 kimono-4.9.1-1.fc17 kiten-4.9.1-1.fc17 klettres-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kmag-4.9.1-1.fc17 kmix-4.9.1-1.fc17 kmousetool-4.9.1-1.fc17 kmouth-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kmplot-4.9.1-1.fc17 kolourpaint-4.9.1-1.fc17 konsole-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kphotoalbum-4.2-4.fc17 kremotecontrol-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kross-interpreters-4.9.1-1.fc17 kruler-4.9.1-1.fc17 ksaneplugin-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kscd-4.9.1-1.fc17 ksnapshot-4.9.1-1.fc17 kstars-4.9.1-1.fc17
> ktimer-4.9.1-1.fc17 ktorrent-4.3.0-1.fc17 ktouch-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kturtle-4.9.1-1.fc17 kwallet-4.9.1-1.fc17 kwebkitpart-1.3-0.1.20120726git.fc17
> kwordquiz-4.9.1-1.fc17 libkcddb-4.9.1-1.fc17 libkcompactdisc-4.9.1-1.fc17
> libkdcraw-4.9.1-1.fc17 libkdeedu-4.9.1-1.fc17 libkexiv2-4.9.1-1.fc17
> libkgapi-0.4.2-1.fc17 libkipi-4.9.1-1.fc17 libkolab-0.3.1-3.fc17
> libkolabxml-0.8.1-2.fc17 libksane-4.9.1-1.fc17 libktorrent-1.3.0-1.fc17
> marble-4.9.1-1.fc17 nepomuk-core-4.9.1-1.fc17 okular-4.9.1-1.fc17
> oxygen-icon-theme-4.9.1-1.fc17 pairs-4.9.1-1.fc17 parley-4.9.1-1.fc17
> pykde4-4.9.1-1.fc17 qtcurve-kde4-1.8.14-1.fc17 qwt-5.2.2-6.fc17
> qyoto-4.9.1-1.fc17 rocs-4.9.1-1.fc17 ruby-korundum-4.9.1-1.fc17
> ruby-qt-4.9.1-1.fc17 smokegen-4.9.1-1.fc17 smokekde-4.9.1-1.fc17
> smokeqt-4.9.1-1.fc17 soprano-2.8.0-4.fc17 step-4.9.1-1.fc17
> superkaramba-4.9.1-1.fc17 svgpart-4.9.1-1.fc17 sweeper-4.9.1-1.fc17
> kde-baseapps-4.9.1-2.fc17 plasma-mobile-0.3-6.20120810git.fc17
> share-like-connect-0.2-4.fc17 kdelibs-4.9.1-4.fc17 kdepimlibs-4.9.1-3.fc17'
> This is broken in several ways:
> 1. It is too long. It does not even fit into a Bugzilla line.
> 2. It does not take subpackages into account. Bodhi only knows about source
> packages, but to be sure you upgrade everything, you have to list all the
> binary packages including subpackages. (Things are often held in lockstep
> through versioned Requires, but not always. There isn't always a dependency
> relation in either direction between main package and subpackages.)
> 3. If the user did not have some of the packages in the group installed,
> explicitly listing them installs them, which is usually not what the user
> wants.

4. It probably won't cope very well with updates being edited. Either
Bodhi has to spam another giganto-command, or it doesn't spam another
giganto-command and the posted command will no longer work.

> Thankfully, there is a much more effective way to pull in a given testing
> update:
> yum install yum-security
> yum --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2012-14137 update
> While strictly-speaking yum-security is intended only for security updates,
> it works just fine for any other kind of updates as well. So can we please
> use it to make Bodhi's suggestions more helpful?

Big +1. Actually, since this seems like rather useful functionality,
perhaps it should be pulled into core yum?
Adam Williamson
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