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Thu Sep 27 12:13:19 UTC 2012

> From: Adam Williamson <awilliam at>
> Bugzilla goes by .src.rpm name not binary rpm
> name. rpm -qi can tell you the .src.rpm from which any binary package
> was built.

I used to get tripped up on this too and I've been doing Linux since the 
RHL 4.0 days.  In some cases it's entirely unobvious (e.g,. 
python-imgcreate-*.rpm originates from livecd-tools-*.src.rpm).  Once you 
realize what's going on, you can usually see the connection, but I suspect 
some/many a would-be-bug-reporters give up when they simply cannot find 
the binary rpm listed in BZ.

Perhaps the mouse-over and click-through help text of BZ's Component field 
could better explain this.  It might also be good to note how easy it is 
to grock the src.rpm name from a "suspect" file using rpm -qif 

John Florian
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