Problem with sed in spec file

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Aug 21 11:49:04 UTC 2013

On 21/08/13 12:21, Juan Orti Alcaine wrote:
> Hello, I'm adding a SELinux module to the gogoc package, as seen in this
> draft [1], and I've received a error about the dependecies. In my spec
> file I use this to extract the selinux-policy version and use it as a
> dependency:
> %global selinux_policyver %(%{__sed} -e
> 's,.*selinux-policy-\\([^/]*\\)/.*,\\1,'
> /usr/share/selinux/devel/policyhelp || echo 0.0.0)

This was an attempt to grok the selinux-policy version number without 
querying the rpm database (which you can't reliably do during a package 
build). Unfortunately there is no upstream version number for the policy 
so the one used in Fedora is just made up. More unfortunately, the one 
place I was reliably able to find it (in the policyhelp file) no longer 
has it. In fact I can't find it anywhere in any of the 
selinux-policy-{devel,doc} files in F-20. So there's no way I can see of 
expressing the necessary dependency version in any sort of automated way.


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